3 Business Beliefs to Change

I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. Are you?

I believe that what you think about, you bring about. 

Here are 3 things you need to stop saying today and how you can reframe them to set yourself up for success.

#1. Who am I to start a business? —> I am capable of starting a business.

Sweet soul, who are you NOT to start a business?

There is someone out there who would love to know what you know! You owe it to them to do what you feel called to do. And you have every ability to make it a reality!

>>Even if you are just starting on your business journey, you still have something of value to offer.<< 

Be a trailblazer and pave the way for others to follow in your wake.

#2. Nobody is buying what I’m selling. —> How can I market it better?

There is something valuable about what you offer, but 98% of the people who see it will say no. 

Does that mean you should stop showing up? *Of course not!*

I have a mantra that I love to repeat when I’m feeling discouraged: “If not now, then soon.”

>>People will keep an eye on what you create far before they ever whip out their wallets to pay for it.<< 

That’s simply human nature.

So build new interest by showing up consistently in different ways and with a strategy. 

I promise it’s just a matter of time.

And when they do hand over their credit card? Blow their dang minds!

#3. I can’t come up with content. —> I give myself permission to test different ideas.

What is the worst thing that can happen when you post content?

  • You might not get engagement OR
  • It may turn people away.

Bless and release those who leave. They weren't your people. 

>>Every time you have an unfollow, it's a GOOD thing. It means you will be seen by those who know, like, and trust you.<<

No engagement? No problem!

It’s all just data that you can use to know what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t, so you can create content in the future that connects.

The key to being successful is not being glamorous. The content that resonates the most comes from those who are willing to show up as themselves.

>>Release your fear of failure, because regardless of the reaction, you’ve already won.<<

Now get out there and create that content, friend!

Are you ready to commit to new beliefs and take ownership? I created a Mindset Makeover Workbook that will help you recognize your strengths and lean in to them while eliminating your limiting beliefs. 

You can download it >>HERE<< and begin changing the world (and your thoughts) today.