3 Strategies To Reduce Overwhelm

As a business owner, do you ever feel like there is MORE to do, MORE to learn, and MORE to work on?

I’m going to deal it to you straight, boo: that feeling is valid.

There is always more to do in your business, and there will always be someone with more status, money, and connections.

But instead of looking at more like a *bad* thing, let’s have a mindset shift.

>>I challenge you to recognize that more is GOOD because it keeps us hungry, excited, and interested.<<

That leads me to the main question: How do we avoid betting overwhelmed by this?

Today, I’m going to give you 3 strategies to ground yourself, get excited about the “more,” and most importantly reduce the overwhelm around it.

  1. Start each day with a gratitude list. People typically hear that and they say Jasmine, where am I going to find the time to make a list like that?! My answer is always this: You have time when you make time. Every day, just spend 5 minutes thinking of small things that you are thankful for, such as your electric toothbrush, fridge filled with food, and the ability to pick up the phone and call your mom or dad. It is super calibrating.
  2. Every 3 months, look back at everything you have accomplished that quarter. I learned from my mentor James that it is so easy to get caught up in everything we haven’t done, that we forget what we did in 90 days. When you think about what you’ve accomplished in 3 months, it makes you excited about what you can do in the next quarter.
  3. Give back and volunteer. I know, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have time to help other people because you’re busy with your own family, responsibilities, and work. However, often when we spend time with those who are less fortunate, we tend to focus on what we have. And when we focus on that, we realize it is it more than enough.

>>So friend, focus on getting excited about doing more, but avoid getting overwhelmed by feeling grateful for how far you’ve come.<<

Let me know below: What are you excited to do MORE of?