3 Things to STOP Doing To Grow Your Instagram Account

*I get it.* You wanna grow on the ‘gram…who doesn’t?

But pretty, pretty please (with a rum-soaked cherry on top) stop doing tacky things to grow. 

*I’m talking beyond using bots or buying followers…that’s just plain stupid.*

Welcome to Part One of my new series called “Stop Being Tacky”. Today’s topic: tackiest attempts to build an Instagram following.  

*Hold on tight my friend, you’re about to hear a real RANT!*

1. Don’t tag other accounts if they aren’t in the post

Listen, it is #sonotcool for people to tag other business on their IG account if they’re not writing about that business in the caption, doing a collaboration, or sharing on a similar project.

If you’re thinking, Who does that?! Let me explain:

When people tag X, Y, and Z accounts in their post, they hope to get attention from the followers of X, Y, and Z accounts.

>>That’s like walking into a party you weren’t invited to, standing on the table, and then announcing that your own party down the street is going on.<<

Don’t do that, that’s tacky!

2. Don’t tag people in Instagram stories and then hide the tags

Here’s how this scenario works: X account posts a photo on stories, then tags up to twenty accounts, and then camouflages the text so followers can’t see it.

All accounts that were tagged will get a notification from X account, but when they click on the story, they have no idea why.

Account X just wanted their attention, but they got it in the worst way.

>>That’s like knocking on someone’s front door to tell them that your party is going on down the street, and then saying that they aren’t invited.<<

Don’t do that, that’s tacky!

3. Stop the follow/unfollow game

Buttercup, we’re only a few days shy of 2020. The follow/unfollow game was soooo 2017, and it really needs to stop.

Whoever started the shady trend of following a bunch of accounts and then unfollowing them a few days later was foolish.

They do this with the hopes that when they follow X account, X account will follow them back, but then they end up unfollowing X account anyway. Basically, they are pretending to get other people’s attention.

>>That’s like inviting somebody to a party but then intentionally giving them the wrong address so that they show up to an empty house.<<

Don’t do that, that’s tacky!

There you have it friend: the three Instagram growth “hacks” that take the cake for tackiest of them all.

Now that I’ve told you what to STOP doing, how about I show you what to START doing? Learn how to grow your business on Instagram in a non-sleazy way with my free Instagram Marketing Guide! Grab yours >>HERE!<< 

*I may be a bit rough around the edges with rants like this one, but I promise you I’m here to serve!*Speaking of serving, did this list help you, boo boo? Was there something that I missed? Send me a DM on Instagram with other ideas, because I’m determined to make “Stop Being Tacky” a thing! What other topics should I cover in the future?