3 Things To Stop Doing To Stick Out In A Saturated Market

Have you ever felt like your market is saturated?

Did you ever think, “I don’t know how I can possibly stick out in my town with all the competition”?

I used to feel the same way when I first started my photography business in Southern California.

>>I was a girl who didn’t know how to use my brand new camera in a sea of better networked, richer, and more talented photographers.<<

I felt this way for months until finally, I stopped doing these 3 things and started sticking out in my saturated market.

  1. Stop playing the victim. I used to play the victim when I first started my photography business. I had a scarcity mindset and complained that there were so many photographers in Southern California, they have been doing it longer or have nicer offices. Finally, I took a step back and realized I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to rise up above the competition.
  2. Find your own voice. After playing the victim, I realized that the only thing I could control was being different than everyone else. The best way to stick out in a saturated market is to see where everyone else is going and do the opposite. Showcase the parts about yourself that make you different because this will attract your ideal client and repel the rest.
  3. Do things the “wrong” way. I love working with new business owners because they don’t KNOW the rules. There comes a point of time when your business matures and you want to keep doing the same thing you always have to continue being successful. You have to do something different than what you’re doing now to get to new places.

Friend, you are unique, and that is your business superpower.

>>The moment you step confidently into what makes you different, you will be the one in your industry that clients are reaching out to.<<

Showcase the beautiful, quirky, authentic things that make you YOU, and we’ll be sippin’ poolside margaritas celebrating your success in no time.

*With little umbrellas, too!*