3 Tips For Successful Reels

Can I make a confession? I can’t stop making Reels!

>>Not only are Reels fun to make, but they also are the best way to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram.<<

Now that I have made over 80 Reels, I have noticed a few trends that set a Reel up for success. 

*And no, Buttercup, you don’t have to dance. But that helps!*

Incorporate Fun Transitions

One of the reasons people love Reels is for their fast pace. You can watch a 15-second Reel and walk away feeling entertained AND educated.

As you combine short clips together, get creative with the transitions between them.

>>It takes a little practice to get right, but transitions keep people glued to your content as you transition from one piece of information to the next.<<

It takes added effort, but don’t let that dissuade you, Hustler. You’re the type of person who goes the extra mile, and it shows!

Apply a Filter

You’ll hear me say that social media no longer needs to look like a magazine. *And that’s true!* But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show up in a polished and cohesive way. 

>>Filters are an easy way to create a consistent feel on your feed.<<

Play around with a few filters and find one or two that fit perfectly with your brand. You can then use these filters on every Reel you create. 

Use a Trending Song

Instagram has recently released a new feature that allows you to search for trending songs.

As you create a Reel, simply click on the audio icon, then “see more” next to trending songs. 

Not every account has access to this yet, but be patient, friend. Good things take time!

>>Trending songs allow others to come across your content when they are looking at Reels who have used that same audio. It’s one way to work smarter, not harder.<<

*Have you fallen in love with Reels yet, like me?!* 

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