3 Ways to Get Inspired When Creating Content

Have you ever sat down to create a new Instagram post, newsletter, video or podcast episode and had *no idea* what to write about?

I feel you, boo. I’ve been there.

>>Being uninspired sometimes is just part of being a creative entrepreneur.<<

*But the show must go on, no excuses!*

Before you hang up your costume and close the curtain, let me help you get inspired to create fresh content for our audience.

Below are 3 ways to do just that!

1. Join the Social Conversation

Oftentimes we try to wrap our head around what kind of content to create but it is handed to us on a silver platter by looking at what is currently trending. When you post content that is culturally relevant (such as using hashtags around the Super Bowl or posting about what you are doing for a holiday) you are inviting people to see and engage with your account who normally wouldn’t have!

2. Have a “Terrible Ideas” Meeting

When my team and I are brainstorming a new project or fun ways to serve our Social Curator members, we have “terrible ideas” meetings, which is when we give ourselves the permission to throw out “starting ideas” that we can then build on from there. These meetings empower us to be even more creative without the fear of judgement for our ideas!

3. Make a List of FAQ’s

When I was a solopreneur running my wedding photography business by myself for around 3 years, I would look at the comments I received on social media and the emails I received to know what people were asking for. Now, as the CEO of Social Curator, I do the same thing by asking our Customer Success Team what people are asking and responding well to, which I then use as inspiration for my next video, blog, social media post, podcast episode or newsletter. So make a list of frequently asked questions and you’ll have a gold mine of content ideas, boo!

Well friend, the show DID go on, and your business is thanking you for it.

*Go on and take a bow!*

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I’ll be in your earbuds soon!