3 Ways to Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile

Friend, are you using LinkedIn for your business yet?

I know that it seems like everyone and their mother is on TikTok right now, but LinkedIn’s 700+ million users would beg to differ!

While LinkedIn may be a more formal, business-focused platform, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal flare to your page or profile so clients, customers, and peers get to know who you are.

*Y’all know my dog Polo makes an appearance on my LinkedIn profile… He’s my personal flare!*

Here are 3 quick ways you can personalize your LinkedIn page or profile:

  1. Use a professional headshot (or even a well-lit selfie) for your profile picture. It’s important to let potential connections see who you are and allow your clients, customers, and peers to connect with you visually. Want my best photography tips? Check out this video: 5 Poses on a Chair When You’re Stuck at Home!
  1. Use a Social Curator photo (or multiple photos!) for your header image. A bright, colorful, eye-catching header image will draw a viewer in and cause them to want to connect with you. Download 10 free Social Curator images >>HERE!<<
  1. Post your Boss Bio in the About section of your page or profile. There are too many people doing what you do on LinkedIn, so you need to use your About section to showcase what makes you unique. Learn the 5 components your LinkedIn About section needs in this video: Everything That Needs to Be In An Instagram Bio and don’t worry, I use the same formula for all of my social media platforms!

>>Now that you know how to personalize your LinkedIn page or profile, it’s time to make those connections, Buttercup!<<

Not sure how to get started on LinkedIn? I’ve got you covered in this blog post: Getting Started on LinkedIn!

I can’t wait to see how you use this platform to grow your business in 2021!