4 Easy Poses for Better Brand Photos

As a photographer, I am much more comfortable BEHIND the camera… but as someone who markets her business on social media, I often find myself on the other side of the lens taking personal brand photos.

At first, it was AWKWARD. Mostly, I didn’t know what to do with my hands!

>>But after working with clients for over a decade and taking my own brand photos, I’ve discovered four easy, comfortable poses for natural looking photos.<<

To help you in your social media efforts, here are 4 easy poses for better brand photos…

*No modeling experience needed. 😉

1. The Hair Grab

For this pose, simply lean against a desk or wall and lift one of your hands to lightly grab a portion of your hair. When shooting The Hair Grab pose, take a few shots looking at the camera and smiling, as well as ones when you’re looking away from the camera to give yourself more options

2. Hands In Pockets

Although this pose seems straight forward, the key to the Hands In Pockets pose is to keep it *light*. Don’t shove your hands deep down into your jeans… Simply hook your thumbs into your front packets and let your hands naturally rest from there.

3. The Lean

This is probably one of my favorite poses because it prevents me from looking stiff and overly posed. To use The Lean, just walk toward your photographer either with your hands in your pockets or in your hair and lean the front of your body forward. *Try to keep your shoulders square, though, so you don’t look hunched!*

4. The Texter

Quite possibly the easiest pose on the list, all you need for The Texter is your phone. Hold your phone wherever feels like a natural texting position, then simply look up from your phone and away from the camera for a more casual look.

There you have it, friend! Four easy poses for better brand photos that you can take with you to your next personal branding photoshoot.

To see these poses in action, check out >>this video!<<

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