4 Steps To Gain Inspiration For Your Next Business Project

“I just feel so uncreative… I feel stuck.”

As I wrote this message to my Creative Director, Tami, I couldn’t find my creative flow with a list of photoshoots we had to produce for Social Curator.

I felt a little better when she wrote back, “Me too.”

I decided to come up with a plan.

>>When your imagination is sleeping, you must wake it up with ingenuity.<<

Sometimes when we seek out creativity, it will hang out and sip tea with us. Other times, we call out to creativity and it doesn’t respond and leaves us in the dark.

So to prepare for creativity’s grand entrance, we walked through museums, looked at old photos, sourced new and exciting props… Basically, we gave ourselves the space to imagine what we wanted to create.

During this time, we decided to have a conversation about creativity and most of us felt that we need to feel inspired to be creative.

Friend, below are 4 steps to gain inspiration for your next business project that will leave you happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with your creativity.

  1. Clearly define your goal. Ask yourself: what do I want to get, make, or see as a result of this project? Remember: not everything has to result in a huge money-making adventure. Sometimes inspiration is driven by a carefully crafted goal that lights you up just to think about it.
  2. Set a date of completion. When you set a deadline, it forces you to take action. It forces you to prove to yourself and others that you’re not a day-dreamer, you’re an action taker. When we organized our shoot, we rented a studio in LA for a certain date and it caused us to craft a detailed plan by the deadline.
  3. Make a timeline. You need to have a timeline to ensure everything for your project gets done before the date of completion. For us, this included researching, sourcing props, going shopping, arranging travel, and more. I recommend having different sizes of timelines to complete the larger goal and taking them one at a time.
  4. Define your success. Before our super-shoot, I told the team: “Our goal is to shoot 40 set-ups in 3 hours (yes, I know it’s crazy). Our intentions are positivity, focus, dedication. Our mantra is to think of others first and then ask for what we need.” The next day, I woke up knowing we had a great shoot because I had previously clearly defined what would make the day successful.


I hope that explaining my process helps you when planning your next inspirational business project, and that it inspires you to do something big and audacious.

You have one life to lead, buttercup, and one dream to build. I’m rooting for you and I hope that you go out there and make it happen today.