5 Food Styling Tips for Social Media Photos

There are two sides to every story…and these are both mine.

Bear with me as I try to balance the sides of my brain that war against each other:

  2. “Good for you for being vulnerable…your bestie Brene Brown will be proud!”


So, last week I gave a peek inside my home as I made tacos and margaritas.

(Well, I SUPERVISED the taco making, which is the same, right?)

I actually created a video tutorial on 5 Food Styling Tips for Social Media Photos

I recorded this video as part of my monthly social media membership, Social Curator, but I had to balance it with a promise I made to myself in the beginning of the year: BE REAL, BE YOU.

But sometimes it’s hard on social media…a place where there's a fine line between personal/professional.

And here’s the truth: the tutorial video was, well, perfectly poised.

But getting there? It was HARD.

The video below is an (awkward) behind-the-scenes of how we create…and do what we love.

I’m sharing BOTH of these videos because I want to bring you on my journey.

The full picture isn’t always pretty, but it’s real.

It shows the ups, downs, and awkward moments of pursuing our purpose.

So, friend, I hope you do the same…I hope you invite others into your story, so they get to know how hard you work, what makes you special, and how much you love what you do.