5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Get Comfortable with Sales

Friend, how comfortable are you with selling, whether it be on social media, in person, or over the phone?

If your palms started getting sweaty and you almost felt the urge to run into a corner and hide, you’re not alone boo boo.

>>The act of selling your product or service is one of the most vulnerable aspects of starting a business.<<

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that I was uncomfortable with selling too.

I remember when I first started my photography business, I used to beg people at my dad’s church to let me take their picture for free, and they would STILL say no.

*I couldn’t sell them on a free photo shoot. That’s a whoooole new level of being BAD at sales!*

But after several months of reading business books and watching educational videos on how to convert leads into paying customers, my bank account was still at $0. 

>>It was then that I realized I could learn all of the sales tactics in the world, but if my mindset wasn’t right, I would never get better.<<

*I feel like I should make a t-shirt that says “Mindset is the answer to all of your problems”!*

If you are uncomfortable asking for the sale and feel like you’ve tried everything you could to get better, I may have the solution, baby boo.

Here are 5 mindset shifts you need to make to get comfortable with sales:

  1. 99% of people will say no in the beginning. *And that’s okay, boo boo!* If you practice, talk to more people and continue building relationships, the remaining 1% will get bigger over time.
  2. People saying no has NOTHING to do with you. The quicker you stop taking denial personally, the more you will put yourself out there. And the more you hustle, my friend, the quicker you will be met with success.
  3. Get used to hearing no. A single “yes” won’t make you, and a single “no” won’t break you either. *Just keep going Buttercup, and the “yes” will come!*
  4. Don’t be afraid to follow up. Repeat after me: It’s not annoying to check back in with a previous customer or lead! Following up regularly is good business practice *as long as you lead with value.*
  5. Serve, don’t sell. It may help you get comfortable with sales to think of it as serving rather than selling. When you focus on THEM (your customer’s fears, doubts, questions, etc.) you’re never selling… you’re serving them well.

There you have it, friend! 5 quick mindset shifts you can tackle TODAY to get the results you want tomorrow.

If these tips helped you, share this post with a friend! There is nothing I love more than meeting new business owners who are working on bettering themselves and their businesses.

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