5 Personal Branding Poses You Can Do With Just A Chair

Listen, boo, I know how awkward it can feel getting your photo taken. 


BUT, showing the person behind the business *AKA you* is the ticket to really connecting with your followers. 

Your audience wants to know who you are, and there’s no better introduction on social media than showing your smiling face.

*In other words, suck it up, Buttercup, and say cheeeeese!*

Lucky for you, photography is my jam and I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need RIGHT HERE! Read on to learn four ways to plan and organize your personal branding photoshoot so you can show up confidently on camera!

1. Choose Your Outfits

Pick a few outfits that show the different sides of you, from casual, to workout, to professional attire.

*Posting pictures of the real you will create relatability which will spark conversations and create opportunities to build relationships.*

2. Choose Your Location

Next, select a location to take your branding photos.

Where you take your photos will help your audience visualize where and how you conduct your business, so if you work from a home office or a neighborhood coffee shop, plan to have your photo shoot there!

3. Gather Ideas + Get Inspired

*Hellooooo, Pinterest!*

Look at your favorite accounts on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration to help when it comes time to execute your photoshoot. Try creating various collections of poses, backdrops, and lighting based on your personality and business.

*Tip: Don’t forget to save inspirational Instagram photos by tapping on the flag icon on the bottom right hand side of the post so they are just a click away come photoshoot time!*

4. Use a Self Timer

When taking your own brand photos, a self-timer is your best friend. All cameras and phones have one and a quick Google search will help you find it on your device!

When you have changed into your first outfit, have a few photos to look at for inspiration and the self timer is on, it is time to start shooting.

You will probably take 10-15 photos to get one you’ll be excited to post, and that’s completely normal. Just remember to have FUN!

For a behind-the-scenes tutorial on 5 different poses you can replicate with just a chair, watch the video below!