5 Ways to Build Momentum

Do you sometimes worry you won’t be able to maintain what you started? 

Oh Dreamer, you are not alone. 

Please know that many other business owners have felt the same way.

It’s easy to look in the past and say: 

  • “I’ve set goals before, and I didn’t follow through,” or 
  • “I tried my absolute best, and I still didn’t hit my goal. What’s the point?” 

While those feelings are valid, they won’t help you get to where you want to go.

In order to achieve what you’re capable of, you must move out of this feeling and onto a successful path. 

Moving forward requires turning over a new leaf and giving yourself the permission to start fresh. 

You can’t allow your thoughts to get stuck in the past. Worrying about what happened last year, or the year before, or the year before that, will not serve your future goals. 

So instead of drudging through past regrets, allow me to invite you to try something new… Today.

5 ways to build momentum

#1: Change the Scene

When you change your surroundings, it can actually inspire you to see things in new ways and help rediscover the purpose found within your goals. This may be as simple as moving the chair in your office for a new perspective, or going someplace new that invigorates you. 

#2: Move Your Body

Whether it’s training for a marathon, taking a 15-minute walk around the block, or a 10-minute breathing meditation, physical movements can free up your brain and create new pathways of possibilities within it.

Simply moving your body can get you closer to achieving your goals by helping you find the clarity you need to strategize, prioritize, and take more effective action.  

#3: Complete Small Tasks

Your goals will be achieved by taking small actionable steps, not giant leaps. 

>>Your goals may be BIG, and your action plan long, but every goal is merely a series of small consistent steps that, together, will take you where you want to go.<< 

Beyond that, checking a box off gives your brain a boost of affirmation that you are making progress. Your brain won’t differentiate between how difficult the task was, only that you accomplished it.

#4: Know When It’s Time to Rest

Yes, sometimes you need to slow down before you can speed up. 

If you’re wondering what rest has to do with momentum, this may be the permission you need to slow down.

Life happens but please, whatever you do, don’t quit.

There’s a difference between resting and quitting. It is ok to take a moment to reflect and adjust the initial timeline of your goals!

#5 Practice Gratitude

Every day I make a list of 5 things I’m grateful for, and it has transformed my business for the better. 

Your list might range from big things (like a loved one’s health), to something smaller (like the warm beverage in your hand). But, regardless of what you state you are grateful for, I couldn’t recommend this practice more.

When you take intentional time to express gratitude, your whole outlook changes for the better, and when your positive outlook increases, so does your momentum.

Whatever goals you set for yourself, remember this: 

>>Success requires consistency. Consistency requires discipline. Discipline requires doing the work… even when it’s hard.<<

That’s it. It’s really that simple, and that difficult. 

  • You must be consistent
  • You must be disciplined, and 
  • You must show up. 

Now take one step towards your goal today, and when you do, don’t forget: Setting goals is easy. Doing the work day in and out is what’s hard. 

But you, my friend, can do hard things. 
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