A 39 Year Old Example

I don't know why I remember it, but I do. I snuck out of the bedroom I shared with my sister and followed the sounds of soft music playing in our apartment. My parents put me to bed early, telling me five year old girls need rest, but they probably just wanted a break. I heard them in the kitchen, my parents. His arms wrapped around her waist, her forehead resting in his chest, and the way they swayed to the music.

It's a memory I'll never forget because it was the moment I realized my parents were in love.

Today, on their 39th wedding anniversary, I can honestly say they're still swaying to the music in their hearts. They've endured pain, soaked up joy, and remained tethered to each other as a reflection of God's love and grace. I'm honored to call them my parents and thank them for the beautiful example they've set for their children.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!