A Note to My Daughter

It was scary, I know. There were waves, it was loud, and it left you feeling uncertain. If you had words, you’d say, “I’m afraid.”

I promised it’d be okay.

I said it’s normal to be scared, but to do it anyway.

  • Explore.
  • Have fun.
  • Jump right in.
  • I’ll be here, always.
  • Show them how brave you are.

>>Luna, I promise to repeat these words to you every time you’re scared.<<

I said them before you went into the pool.

  • I’ll say them if you go to college.
  • I’ll say them if you step on a stage.
  • I’ll say them if you start a business.
  • I’ll say them if you apply for a job.
  • I’ll say them if you run for president of the United States.

May you—and every other daughter—be reminded of inner strength and the courage to move forward.