A Peek Behind the Curtain

I debated sharing this…

I’m about to reveal what it’s like in the middle of a real-time business promotion. Let me be clear: the work I do isn’t glamorous or easy (although many have the misconception that it is)

This behind-the-scenes peek is because I believe documenting the journey is empowering. (For myself, and hopefully YOU.)

Allow me to peel back imaginative visions of grandeur, and instead show the grit and WERK required to build a business.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Ready? Let’s dive in. Cut to the start of a very long day… 

It’s three days before a live launchThe final push if you will. My team and I started the day bright and early. They rolled in by eight, and we went Live at nine with the clear intention of asking people to sign up for a class that I was going to be teaching in just a few days. 

After we wrapped the Live, we filmed eight or nine TikToks. (And yes, I roped my husband and business partner, JD, into making an appearance!) Then, we filmed a video for the Social Curator community. 

Phew… I’m a little out of breath just reflecting on what those first few hours were like!

Before I jump ahead, let me take a moment to share that every time I have the privilege of saying, “we” or “my team and I”, I’m reminded of what it was like just ten years ago. 

It used to be just me, a camera, and a newspaper background. Now, the team and I put in the work… together. Tech rehearsals, lighting, blocking, wardrobe changes, webinar practice runs… the list goes on.

All that to say, be encouraged.

>>Whatever phase of business you’re in, it’s right where you’re supposed to be.<<   

Don’t be distracted by the lights, camera, and action. Make no mistake… this is work. I ground myself in gratitude all day errr day but it still requires work. You show up by yourself, with your team, and for your dream customer. 

I started with a laptop in my living room, and now I have a team of like-minded dreamers and hustlers who show up alongside me and DO. 

At the beginning of a launch, I’m feeling exhausted and, if I’m being honest, nervous. But it’s not about me. It’s about my Ideal Client, and THAT excites me. 

After each webinar, I respond to DM’s. Let me tell you, I LOVE this part. (Yes. If you send me a DM, I’m personally responding to you!) 

I love seeing the lightbulbs go off for people… like when they’re actually connecting the dots and they can see how what I’m teaching can have a profound impact on their business and their life. That moment is when my dream comes true.

I’ve done what I always dreamt of doing: 

>>Making people believe that what they want is on the other side of working consistently.<< 

The blood, sweat, and gangster tears shed through my journey have been worth every moment of doubt, change, and growth.

Everything you do for the first time will be: 

  • Scary,
  • Awful, and 
  • Terrible. 

But then you keep going. You do it again, and again, and it gets a little better each time. 

>>As long as you have the courage to get through the first time, everything else you do from there will be worth it.<< 

This tiny glimpse isn’t just about me. I’m not sharing my journey just for kicks and giggles. I’m sharing because I want to share a peek at what it really takes. 

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