A Question Every Business Owner Must Ask: What Is My Brand Message?

Recently I had the chance to consult with four business owners–all who do different things, in different industries–and decided to record it. I’m thrilled to share it with YOU now.

These entrepreneurs set up this meeting because they all wanted to do one thing with their business: Take it to the next level.

They’d been working for years and were met with success, but they wanted to know what it takes to elevate their brands to:

  • …Get more clients
  • …Get their business noticed
  • …Stick out from the competition

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing highlights of our consultation in a 5-part video series (and, no, I’m not gonna sell you something) because I want to share this information in hopes that it helps YOU take your business to the next level too!

To ensure that you are putting what you’ve learned into action so you can see big results, follow along with helpful exercises and notes by downloading my free workbook.

Okay, let’s get into your brand’s message, shall we?

In the video below, I open the series by teaching about the three tenants of business:

  1. Your Ideal client: You must know intimately who you’re selling to, and not be afraid to put a stake in the ground that you only serve them.
  2. The brand message: You have to understand how you’re speaking to your ideal client and exactly what you’re saying to them.
  3. Consistency: How often are you getting your brand message in front of your ideal customer is crucial when taking our business to the next level.

Next, we discuss that people follow accounts on social media for the benefits they receive. They follow accounts that are passionate about what they do and make them think/do/feel something, and this goes back to the importance of our brand message.

To convey your brand message, it always goes back to:

  1. Does the end user understand I’m speaking to them?
  2. Do they resonate with my brand’s message?
  3. Do they realize I’m going to consistently share what they want to hear?

If the answer is NO to any one of those three, you will not attract your ideal clients on social media because the benefits they would receive from following your account are not obvious.

Watch the video below to get the full training, and be sure to keep the conversation going with us in video two as we chat about getting people interested in our businesses organically and getting seen by more people!

And friend, don’t forget to download my free workbook to get actionable steps to go along with each video!