A Real + Authentic Look Into My Life

One of my favorite questions I often receive is, “What is it like to work with your husband?”

Friend, I’m sure you know by now that JD’s the conductor to this party train! I would go off the tracks without him.

I am #blessed with a partner who believes wholeheartedly in me, both in our personal and business lives! We dream with each other, push each other, support each other, and there’s no one else I’d rather do life with.

I had the most amazing opportunity to get interviewed for my podcast with my wonderful husband and business partner by none other than THE Amy Porterfield!

Get ready for some straight up vulnerability, *gossip magazine Q+A style, of course*, because you’re about to hear it all!

Amy: How did you two meet?

  • JD: It all started back in high school. We didn’t go to the same school, but we were in the same district. There was this fundraising event that both of our schools were attending, and I met Jasmine while we were there.

Amy: Jasmine, did you like him right away?

  • Jasmine: I thought he was reeeeeally nice. He was so different from the guys at my school so I was attracted to his energy and soul. Within five minutes, I just knew that he was unique. He’s kind and soulful without even trying.

Amy: What does your life look like as business partners?

  • JD: Being on the front-end of everything is so against my place of power. I take a big role on the financial side of the business to make sure we’re running at a healthy pace, and then report that to Jasmine so we can make decisions on the marketing front.
  • Jasmine: I need him to come in and fill in all the gaps. I can be extraordinarily linear, like I just see things as they should be done. He comes in and knows how to finesse the situation. He knows how to help me see bigger, as well as how to keep the humanity at the forefront of our business. He compliments my singular focus, so I really appreciate that perspective.

Amy: What does your personal life look like together?

  • Jasmine: As part of our adoption process, a social worker came over to our house and had to interview each parent separately to get their perspective on things. She started bringing up household responsibilities, to which I developed a nervous twitch in my right eye, because I legitimately have two left feet and an iron lung when it comes to our household responsibilities.
  • JD: In seventeen years of marriage, I think Jasmine has done maybe two loads of laundry.

 Amy: What is your absolute favorite thing about each other?

  • Jasmine: He is so selfless, and not just with me. He could meet a stranger at the airport and he would put that person above himself a thousand times over.
  • JD: She makes people feel seen and heard. When she walks into a room, she gravitates to the person in the back who’s being ignored or not really talking to anybody. She’ll go straight to them every time.

Amy: Of course, now I need to ask, what is something that the other does that drives you crazy?

  • JD: The fact that she leaves her eyelashes EVERYWHERE! She puts them on the kitchen table, the counter, the coffee table, the sofa, and even my shirt. Who does that?!
  • Jasmine: He wants everything to be perfect. He aligns the La Croix in our fridge to all be facing the same way. He can only buy a particular type of toilet paper. Everything about JD is about experience, even down to his tush.

See boo boo, I told you that we spilled the tea on each other! Married life as business partners isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After receiving the third degree from Amy, she switched gears and asked us a few questions from our listening audience. Catch our responses and candid reactions in the full video below!