A Sneak Peak At The NEW 2019 Instagram Algorithm

Recently, I was reading an article on TechCrunch about the NEW 2019 Instagram algorithm.

Ya’ll, I **love** TechCrunch. They are always up to date with the freshest advances in the tech world, and they have sources all over the planet.

>>As a business strategist and primarily building my business on Instagram, I am very interested in knowing what Mark Zuckerberg and his team will release next.<<

And something tells me you care too!

So, today I’m sharing with you what I read on TechCrunch about the supposed changes to the Instagram algorithm.

1. Hiding Likes

Instagram is starting to test a feature to hide the likes from your audience on accounts with users under the age of 18, and there are theories that they will update the algorithm for all users. Before you freak out, let me tell you that I am totally a fan of thisI think that it would cause people to build genuine connections rather than posting for popularity.

2. Chronological Posts

Ya’ll probably remember back in the day when Instagram showed users content chronologically. Then, in 2016 they released the current algorithm that only shows posts that it thought you wanted to see based on previous behaviors. Right now, they are beta-testing a button on some accounts that say “show new posts” to allow users to modify their experience.

3. Connective Content

The next theory is that Instagram is going to be showing more of what they call Connective Content (posts that invite users to engage, take action, and join conversations) because it does not just want it to be a popularity contest. I am a huge fan of this, because I have no aspirations to create a viral video or gain 100,000 followers in a week. I want to grow slowly but consistently with people who are engaging with my account because they are genuinely interested in my content.

4. Business Built On Trust

Instagram has been very open that they do not want businesses on the platform to be constantly hitting your followers with sales pitches. They want you to build your business with Instagram on trust—by creating helpful content, sending DM’s, and responding to comments. According to TechCrunch, businesses who are following these practices will be indexed higher on the algorithm and have more of an ability to grow.

Friends, there you have it: a sneak peak at the new 2019 Instagram algorithm. Ya’ll know I aim to give you the freshest content when it comes to building your business!

Will each of these features be implemented? I have no idea, boo. It is anyone’s guess until Instagram releases an update.

>>However, I can tell you that for business owners, Instagram remains the best platform to build genuine connections with your future customers.<<

It is engaging, built on trust, and a place to share amazing content for your audience.

Comment below: Which of these features are you most excited about??