The BEST Promotional Ad Strategy

I’m a nerd. I own it.

One of my nerdiest qualities is my love of data and analytics.

See, the reality is that our perceptions alone can never fully be trusted, but numbers can.

Do you think I’ve lost it? Hang with me, I’ll explain.

Best Promotional Ad Strategy

When it comes to creating content and running a business, it’s easy to create content and services or products based on emotion or how you feel.

But thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are very subjective and could be entirely different from those of your target audience. 

*If I had a dollar for every post I thought would be a hit that flopped, I’d be retired on a beach somewhere.*

Because of this, it’s important to develop new offerings – both free and paid – based on numerical data that your audience or customers have already given you.

>>When you create more based on what has already proven to do well, you can confidently expect success.<< 

I use this mentality with everything I produce including my social media content, the marketing education we offer at Social Curator, and the ads we run during a launch.

For example, we create a wide variety of images and written copy for promotional periods. We often have favorites that we expect to do well, but we don’t solely rely on their success. Instead, we let the numbers show us what resonates well first.

For each promotional period, we create three batches of ads to test. Each batch of content includes:

  • A Reel
  • A Video
  • A Photo
  • A GIF

We publish a batch and let it run for 48 hours. Following that, we review the analytics and see what ads performed the best. We then repeat this 2 more times.

After only six days, we have discovered which ads have risen to the top and go all in with those to promote our new launch or product.

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