5 Tips to Align Your Priorities with Your Goals

Are you constantly feeling burnt out and finding it hard to obtain consistency and attain your goals? Luckily, I have 5 tips to align your priorities with your goals…

But before we dive into how you spend your time, we need to define what success really is and understand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all. 

>>Your version of success should match your goals.<< 

5 Tips to Align Priorities With Your Goals

So, what do I mean by that? 

Oftentimes, we look at common ways success is defined, such as… 

  • Making a million dollars every year,
  • Having a Maserati or Ferrari, or
  • Going on extravagant vacations

Though success DOES look like that for some people (I mean, who wouldn’t want a fancy car, right?), those “success markers” may not resonate with you at all.

You may look at them  think to yourself, “My version of Success would be to have dinner with my family every single night, not necessarily to have a Ferrari.”

Or perhaps your version of success is to be able to close your laptop at 6 pm every night, to have enough money to send your children to private school or to retire early and spend more time with your loved ones.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s important for you to define what success means for you

If in the process of getting a really fancy car or living in a mansion, you lose the things that are most important to you, you're not a success… You're just rich!

>>Real talk: how you spend your time is a reflection of what is most important to you.<< 

So as we begin this conversation about what you need to get done in a day, I encourage you to consider what you can let go of and what is helping you move towards your goals.

Because in order to make progress towards your goals (whatever they may be), we have to have a deep understanding that our current schedule reflects what matters most to us. 

If building a business is not a priority, own it. But if building a business is a priority, show it!

Of course, I would never recommend or say… 

“If you want to build a business, you better be posting on social media every single day. You better not sleep. You better grind until the grave, you better work every single weekend.” 

But what I will say is that… 

>>Your actions map your ambition, and your actions map your aspiration.<< 

So if you’re juggling a lot and wearing all the hats, anything you can do to prioritize what’s most important is going to have a massively positive impact on your business. 

Over the last decade, I’ve had to learn how to juggle:

  • Not having enough money
  • Not having enough people believe in me
  • Working 10 times harder than my competitors in order to sustain my dreams
  • Having two jobs at once to make sure that we could pay the bills
  • Balancing motherhood and being a CEO

…and so much more. And though it was hard, the 5 tips I’m about to share with you changed the game for me. 

Ready to align your priorities with your goals? Let’s dive in! 

  1. Write it down. 

I know this may sound very basic, but this simple act of getting all the jumbled thoughts out of your mind and onto a piece of paper is a game-changer because your brain is meant to generate ideas, not store them. When you get all the things out of your mind and onto a piece of paper it allows your brain to actually think of pathways on how to prioritize and get work done… Try it!

  1. Eliminate + Delegate

The best piece of advice I ever received was to eliminate anything on my to-do list that doesn’t move the needle forward. Once I started outsourcing tasks that could be done by someone else, it freed my mind up for my priorities!

. Now, I know what you may be thinking: “I wish I could afford to outsource tasks, but I can barely afford myself right now.” I’ve been there, but hear me out…

When money was very, very, VERY tight, I started trading services with other business owners. For example, you could trade some of your expert advice for support in your own business.

Chances are there’s another business that’s having the same concerns you are and would jump at the chance to make a trade that benefits both of you. You just need to get creative! 

  1. Decide What Is Important vs. Urgent

Say it with me: not everything in business is important just because it’s urgent. #readthatagain

First, let's define the difference between urgent and important tasks:

  • Urgent things: pressing tasks with a looming deadline, but not a high priority (these tasks make you feel “busy” but don’t make you productive).
  • Important things: tasks that support your goals and ultimately determine your success (these tasks move the needle forward in your business).

Now that we’re on the same page, I want to encourage you to prioritize the tasks that are IMPORTANT — AKA getting you closer to your dreams and your version of success.

(Just because a phone is ringing, doesn’t mean you have to answer it!)

  1. Create a Plan

Breaking down big projects into smaller bite-sized tasks and then, determining a schedule, will not only help you be more productive but will also decrease your stress and overwhelm. 

If you want to dig deeper into making the most of the time you have, check out my Productivity Planner and balance your responsibilities day in and out. It’s even complete with a sample from my daily to-do list! It’s a system I swear by and now it can be yours, too. Download it >>HERE!<<

  1. Commit to Consistency 

In order to achieve the success you’re striving for, you must commit to consistency. This means you have to be honest with yourself about your capacity, then establish a realistic time frame for what you can accomplish. 

One of the quickest ways you can lose your momentum on a project or goal is by setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, which in turn leads to you losing confidence in your abilities. Instead, give yourself more time than you may initially think is necessary, and then check and adjust as needed!

Remember: If you complete your project earlier than you anticipate, awesome! If it takes a little longer, simply check and adjust, and tell yourself, “I’m going to get better at assessing the time I need to complete tasks like this one.”

However you approach your day, if you ensure everything you do is aligned with your priorities and goals, your business (and to-do list!) will be much better off.

Free Productivity Planner: Streamline your workflow and kiss stress goodbye

Don’t forget to download my Productivity Planner to dive deeper into this topic, and don’t forget: Only YOU can define your version of success, as well as what is a priority in your life. Don’t let anyone tell you how to spend your time!