All Things Instagram: Engagement, Stories, & Bio

The struggle is real.

No, I’m not talking about having one too many dirty martinis or recovering after a rough night’s sleep. *That’s another story completely.*

I’m talking about facing the big one-eyed monster (or one-“I” monster): INSTAGRAM.

I’m no mind reader, but I’m pretty sure you’ve struggled with Instagram a time or two. We all have, Buttercup. I’m right there with you!

I know the struggle of followers not talking back to you, so how about we change that today? Allow me to lay the framework for how to make it happen – through engagement, stories, and a boss bio.

*Be sure to watch all three videos for even more struggle-ending, monster-defeating tips!*

Instagram Engagement

In order to optimize your account for engagement, remember this:

>>Instagram relies on *behavior* to determine who is shown your posts.<<

If a follower previously engaged with your content, there’s a higher likelihood of them seeing another post from you.

This is why it’s SO important to get people to engage. It increases the chances of them seeing even more of your posts!

Bottom line: if your followers aren’t liking, commenting, archiving, or sharing your stuff, then your content will not get the views that it deserves.

Check out the video below to learn about the three main behavioral factors that Instagram uses to determine what gets seen.

Instagram Stories

Utilizing stories can be profoundly powerful for your business. They capture a different side to the monstrous app, proving that followers don’t just want to see the “pretty” moments that are filling their feed.

>>Instagram stories reveal the real, the raw, and the #nofilter moments that empower your brand to build trust and authenticity.<<

Offering yet another way to harbor engagement, IG stories are a great way to connect with followers and to ensure your visibility on their page, through discovery tools (location, hashtag, mention) and engagement tools (poll, question, slider).

Watch this video for a flash fire Q+A session with a group of local business owners at Kilroy Realty's One Paseo, where we hone in on more hot engagement topics! 

Instagram Bio

You’ve worked your little booty off trying to get people to engage with you. The one-“I” monster (AKA Instagram) doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

You’ve shown up every day. You researched hashtags. You’re a story-posting fool.

But are you providing a bio to ensure that followers and non-followers know who you are? Use this checklist to make sure:

1. Title

  • How do you want people to describe you?
  • Explain it like you would to a five year old – short and sweet.

2. Benefits

  • Why should people follow you?
  • Your IG account isn’t about you; it’s about what your business can do for your followers.

3. Audience

  • Who is your account for?
  • If your account feels tailor-made for a follower, there’s a higher chance of turning them into a customer.

4. Contact information

  • How can people reach you?
  • Email, phone, website, #location

Go watch the video to find out the fifth (and my personal favorite) part to an effective boss bio!

What did you think of this complete guide to cracking the code to Instagram, Buttercup? If you enjoyed it, feel free to share this post with a friend. *I love making new Internet friends!*

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