Amy Porterfield Podcast: Attracting Your Ideal Client

My best friend introduced me to Amy Porterfield.  And by introduced I mean we stalked her resources and podcasts.  You know that teacher you had in first grade who spoke softly, smiled widely, and laughed in a way that made fairies stop and listen?  Yea, that's Amy.  Not only is she a wealth of information, her voice was made for radio.

All that to say I heard her voice before I saw her face in a crowded hotel room in San Francisco.  Amy was a guest speaker at my mastermind meeting, and I also had a chance to give a mini-presentation that same day.  She graciously sat in for my social media demonstration and later asked if we could chat about how I created an ideal client on her podcast.

amy porterfield podcast

So here I am today…giving you a chance to hear Amy (and her laugh) interview me about Attracting Your Ideal Customer HERE.  Here's a few take-aways:

  • Learn the best approach to understanding how your product can help your audience—and ultimately how that will shift your approach to social media.
  • Check out strategies for empowering your potential customers to choose you over your competitors. Your competition isn’t going anywhere, but if you can build trust with your clients and make their life easier, they will stick with you.
  • Discover the keys to writing better copy, creating better emails, and nailing your social media—all with just a few KEY tips.

Fairies stopped and listened,