Everyday we face the same annoyances. JD and I know we're supposed to overlook them and all, but we've dated each other for 12 years, and subtle hinting somehow lost its appeal. JD now only asks me to move my shoes from the end of the staircase to the closet 1,849 times a day. That's down 14% from last year. Yes, I keep track. And while I know it shouldn't matter, I get SO annoyed when JD refers to pinecones as acorns. It's like the most terrible thing I could hear in a single day. Polo was playing with an ACORN today… It makes me shutter. Don't ask me why. I act like I'm some botanist or something.

Yesterday, I received the results from a recent blood test and discovered my triglycerides were too low. I called JD to let him know and by the time I made my way home, he already Googled what types of food I should be eating and what lifestyle changes I should make. He also let me know he likely has a Chinese remedy in our medicine cabinet to help me. I'm sure he does. This man collects Chinese supplements like their going out of style. Sore throat? JD will proffer little round balls of Chinese herbs to suck on. Headache? Why, yes…JD has a little brown herbal tablet for you to swallow at bedtime. I'm sure he and his mother have secret competitions who can hoard more homeopathic remedies.

Again, I know I shouldn't get annoyed, but YOU try living with a Chinese Medicine Man who scoffs at my Advil and Motrin.

The upside to my test are many, but the best news is: 1. I should eat more carbs (eat your heart out, Dr. Atkins!); and 2. JD helping me cook healthy meals. Thankfully, none of which contain ACORNS!