Are You Silenced By The Algorithm?

A woman by the name of Erin said: “Jasmine, I feel like I’m being silenced by the algorithm.” 

Have you ever felt the same way? 

I know it can be frustrating to publish a post that doesn’t take off in the way you’d hoped. *I feel you!* But I’m about to say something that might be a little difficult to hear: 

>>If you aren't getting engagement, it's because the content isn't right.<< 

That’s it. 

Are You Silenced?

The algorithm is a neutral party, and Instagram has denied that shadow banning exists. 

>>So friend, if you aren’t getting eyes on your post, the cold, hard truth is this: You need to up your game.<<

Now don’t get it twisted. 

  • I firmly believe that what you put out into the world is valuable. 
  • You have a mission and a purpose, and I am here for it! 

>>But regardless of your business, your offering, or your audience, what you do will be so, so, so important to so, so, so few.<<  

For example, Erin is an advocate for fashion for people with disabilities. She believes that the fashion industry should be more inclusive, and she’s on a mission to make sure that happens. But she believed that her efforts were being thwarted by the algorithm. 

I told Erin that the algorithm wasn’t out to sabotage her efforts. It’s just that–maybe–people who don’t have physical disabilities (which is the vast majority of the world) might not be interested in hearing about inclusive fashion.  

Was that hard for Erin to hear? *Yeah, a little bit.*  

But it’s the truth… and now that we can look at things objectively, let’s chat about how we can get our content seen. *Even if we’re creating content for a VERY small audience.*

>>Your goal should be to create content that those few people resonate with in a big way. You need to create content that permeates people's minds and leaves them wanting more.<<

Here’s the good news: If content is the answer, that means the outcome is entirely within your control. 

  • When you are good, you are noticed. 
  • When you are consistent, you are noticed.
  • When you are undaunted, you are noticed.

Throughout history, those who have made waves and changed the world were not those who sat idly by, but rather those who rose up. Those who were passionate, courageous, consistent, and undaunted amid the silence. They continued to march for their mission until the world was moved, and so will you.

When you feel you are being silenced, continue to march. Continue to show up and do the work. Continue to deliver value to the few who stand beside you.

>>Create so much content that you get better, you get good, and you get noticed.<<

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