How to Ask For What You Want

Kids say the darndest things, am I right? 

I’d like to share a powerful story from a friend, and recent Jasmine Star Show podcast guest of mine, Tara-Nicholle Kirke. 

Asking for What You Want

Tara is the CEO of Transformational Consumer Insights, a marketing, content strategy, and leadership development firm that creates transformational experiences for conscious leaders, businesses + customers.

Let me start by saying that I felt like I knew her way before she was a guest on my podcast because I maaaaay have stalked her Instagram account. #Guilty

But I have no regrets because before she and I got into a powerful conversation, I discovered an impactful story she told about her daughter!

Tara’s daughter, London, was in bed one morning and said, “Mama get me some honey today.”  

Now, honey is not a thing that Tara keeps stocked in her home and as the day went on, she had forgotten about London’s earlier request. 

Fast forward seven hours later, at a cafe counter service… 

Tara was drinking her second cup of tea–no honey, just milk–sitting alone minding her own business when the server walked up to her with a tiny single-serve jar of honey, and said, “Hi there I thought you might like some honey.” 

Can you imagine Tara’s surprise?

She raised her eyebrows, and said, “Thank you. I don't take honey in my tea but I'll take it home.”

The server goes back and gets one other single-serve jar of honey, and sets it down by Tara saying, “I think you need two.” 

Are you thinking London has magical powers? Because when I heard this story, I did too. 

To be clear, London was a mile away, living her best life on a playground, while Tara was receiving the fulfillment of the cosmic order her daughter spoke into existence that morning.

So what’s the moral of this delightful story?

Perhaps it’s that we should all be more like London, and…

>>Want what you want. Require it. Don't worry about how it'll happen. Just get on board and watch what happens.<<

When Tara shared this story on her social media accounts, someone left a comment that said, “You just have to say it, like London did. Speak it into existence.” 

Then the Queen herself responded with these knowledge bombs that I’m honored to share with you here:

  • “Well, first you have to let yourself really want the fullness of what you want.
  • Then you have to speak it and not book your calendar so full of the other stuff that you can't give life force to your real desire. 
  • Then you have to gradually release doubt, and 
  • Resist your own inner conflicts and get into alignment with what you want.”

>>“Speaking it is just one component ladies and gentlemen.”<< 

–Tara-Nicholle Kirke

Ooookay… Did Tara just take us to church? I think so! 

How do we reach our full potential, stand in our purpose, and live our wildest dream?

Speaking it out loud is a start… but– 

>>You must keep that fire in your soul burning to get what you want out of life.<< 

It’s all too easy to lean into and appreciate the magic of moments like this but then gloss over the importance and necessity of acknowledging the real-life challenges that we all face.

Tara went on to say, “So much of the richness of who you are and what you are destined to become is who we become in the process of the inner conflicts we face, and the friction and disharmony we feel in our hearts.”

We must learn the process of navigating and resolving our own inner conflicts. Tara reminds us that this process is:

  • Slow,
  • Gradual, and
  • Hard.

It’s shining light in the shadows. It is not for the faint of heart, but the journey is WORTH IT. And as Tara says, “It’s delicious.”

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