Avoid Getting Stuck In Business (here’s how!)

He looked around and said, “Failure is NOT an option.” Gene Kranz said these famous words as the Director of Nasa flight operations who directed the landing mission for Apollo 11.

And–boom–just like that, he gave himself one option:  Success.

(Maybe I should avoid using the word BOOM and Apollo 11 in the same note, eh?)

But here’s the thing:  Our brains are more inclined to avoid pain than to achieve progress.

Don’t believe me?  Here are 10 Ways to Ensure Your Business Stays Stuck in 2023:

  1. Wait for the perfect time.
  2. Expect the best-case scenario.
  3. Start something new today, start something new tomorrow. Repeat.
  4. Read lots of books, don’t take action.
  5. Listen to lots of podcasts, don’t take action.
  6. Watch lots of tutorials, don’t take action.
  7. Ask for advice, don’t take action.
  8. Blame the situation, not yourself.
  9. Wait for someone to help you.
  10. Make excuses and give yourself a way out.

Does the idea of being stuck incite PAIN?  If so, embrace the opposite:

  1. The perfect time doesn’t exist, start today.
  2. Hope for the best-case scenario, plan for the worst.
  3. Start something new today and stick with it for longer than anyone else.
  4. Read lots of books, take action.
  5. Listen to lots of podcasts, take action.
  6. Watch lots of tutorials, take action.
  7. Ask for advice, take action.
  8. Learn from the situation, make yourself better.
  9. The only person who’ll help you is you.
  10. Don’t make excuses and make yourself a way through.

Failure is not an option,


P.S. Have you ever talked with someone who helped you reflect on all you had learned and feel profoundly grateful for the challenges you’ve had along the way? If so, tune into yesterday’s podcast with Rachel Roth where we cover it ALL: everything from the importance of defining your own success to how to overcome the crippling fear and insecurity of being a business owner to my secret method for figuring out what I don't know… and more.