Avoid This Phrase If You Want to Succeed

“Yeah but…” 

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this phrase, I’d be retired and on my own private island in Fiji by now.

I don't often get upset, but when I do, I have some real opinions on the matter. (Forgive my Mexi-Rican attitude in advance!)

Let me back up a bit… 

Avoid this phrase if you want to succeed

A while ago on my Facebook page, I posted an article about how a photograph used on the cover of Time magazine was taken on an iPhone. The article also profiled the girl who took the photo, and how the editor of Time discovered her on Instagram.

Here’s what’s interesting: She didn't have a massive following, but the Editor was still impressed by her work. 

Here’s what impressed the Editor:

  • She was consistent, 
  • She had great technique, and 
  • She was passionate about what she did. 

I was so moved by this article that I shared it on my Facebook page.

Someone left a not-so-positive comment (at least that was my perception). This person simply said, “Yeah, but… Let's not kid ourselves here.” 

Cut to my Mexi-Rican attitude saying, “Kid ourselves about what?” 

My knee-jerk reaction was, “Dude, you missed the point. You missed the point that there was somebody who showed up without having an audience or any attention, and produced good work… that's the point!” 

Appreciating how rare it is for a person who's showing up simply for the passion of what she does, and because of that passion is given the opportunity for her “unprofessional” photo to be used as the cover of Time Magazine?  

When someone says, “Yeah, but…” it’s an excuse disguised as a comment. 

“Yeah, but…”

  • They have a nicer camera
  • They went to a better school
  • They came from money
  • They had connections
  • They haven’t experienced trauma
  • They didn’t grow up in my neighborhood
  • They’re better looking
  • They’re healthier
  • They have more followers

>>No matter what advantages you think other people have, it’s not an excuse for you to quit, or worse… not even start.<<  

Allow my Mexi-Rican heart deal it to you straight… 

If you let what other people have or don’t have stop you from pursuing your dream and what you say you love, you aren’t being honest with yourself.

>>If you were truly passionate about your dream, you wouldn’t let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing it.<< 

When you distance yourself between where you are and what you want by saying, “Yeah, but… let's not kid ourselves, just because that happened for someone like them doesn’t mean it could happen for someone like me.” 

Imagine the possibilities if instead, you viewed another person’s success as a reason you can find success too!  

Maybe that sounds naive or feels idealistic. But guess what? 

>>I will choose possibility over choosing limitations every day of the week, and you can too.<<

When someone does something before you, it’s not an anomaly, it’s… 

  • Permission
  • Paving the way
  • Possible! 

“Yeah, but…” 

Nope. That’s not it. Let’s try this again, and say it with me…

“Yeah, AND… I’m going to be next!”

Don't allow yourself to be fixated on the haves and the have-nots.

  • Show up 
  • Create content 
  • Share your work 
  • Care about people 

>>If you're passionate about your work, it's going to get discovered… by the right people, at the right time, in the right way.<< 

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