Away on the 4th

I woke this morning and felt like something was missing.  In the darkness, I realized it was my dog.  I missed Polo so much it hurt.  We've been away for work for a while and not waking to the sound of his snores and subsequent morning kisses leaves a gap in my heart, especially on the 4th of July.

I also miss my family, the raucous sounds of celebrating a national holiday together.  I'm sure our neighbors cringe at the crescendo of our laughter and oversized conversations (we have a tendency to talk over each other, resulting in deafening match of verbal ping pong).  Sometime later tonight my dad will run down our neighborhood street holding a firework above his bald head (yes, he knows this is dangerous and stupid, but also claims he survived Vietnam for the right to celebrate how he wishes).

Today JD and I are photographing a wedding on Maui.  Though a piece of our hearts will be tethered to home, we are incredibly thankful to celebrate Independence day with amazing clients on this beautiful time of year.  If you are celebrating today, have fun…and hug your family extra tight.