Balancing & Managing Time During The Holidays

The holiday season is here once again! 

Dude, where did 2019 go?!

It’s time for friends, family, traditions, and FOOD. *I’m ridiculously excited to eat my father-in-law’s gluten-free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.*

As a business owner, you may begin to feel the “holiday scaries”, wondering how you’re going to do it all and be it all, for both your business and your family.

>>Buttercup, if you’re entering this season with feelings of dread or doubt, or wondering how it will be possible to balance time in your business during the holidays, read on!<<

Here are three focus points to help ensure that you’re doing what’s best for you during this busy time of year.

1. Capacity

Ask yourself: Do I have the capacity to spend time with my family during the holidays and run my business?

If yes: Hallelujah, then you keep doing you, boo boo!

If no: You have two options:

  • You can decide to continue to work the same amount and forego any changes to your personal life (AKA not spend extra time with family).
  • You can spend time with family and friends while your business takes a back seat, which is A-OK in my book.

>>Make a conscious decision on where you’re going to skimp and splurge during the holiday season.<<

Don’t beat yourself up about what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, do what feels right for Y-O-U.

It’ll make you happier than a kid on Christmas morning, boo boo.

2. Consistency

I’ve got good news for you if you chose the second option from above:

>>If you know that you won’t be thrusting and throttling the same way you have within your business, consistency can be PLANNED.<<

It’s possible for you to show up in your business without having to show up in that moment.

By doing the work ahead of time with planning and scheduling content, you don’t have to lift a finger during the holidays if you don’t want to.

  • You could be decking the halls with boughs of holly while your YouTube followers watch your brand-new video.
  • You could be walking in a winter wonderland while your email list receives your holiday newsletter.
  • You could be rockin’ around the Christmas tree (or spinning the dreidel, or lighting the kinara) while your Instagram followers see your latest post.

*Don’t judge my examples, I just really love Christmas music, okayyyy?!*

It may require more of your time upfront, but that extra legwork will ensure you have time off when you need it, while still remaining consistent in your business.

3. Contentment

Friend, what it all boils down to is whether or not you’re happy with where you’re spending your time and energy this season.

When you need a little reminder, just say this to yourself:

>>I’m doing the best I can for my business and still making time for my family.<<

When you grasp that truth, you can close out the holiday season and ring in the New Year with a sense of contentment within your business.

There you have it boo, the three “C’s” to help you balance time during the holidays. With a little preparation, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the holiday scaries and embrace the goodness of the season. Enjoy!

*Oh, and if you need some extra help, I’ve got just the thing for you. As a member of Social Curator, I can assure you that you’ll have the capacity, consistency, and contentment this holiday season! Find out more >>HERE<<!*