How To Beat The Algorithm

Hustler, do you want to get your posts seen (even if you don’t have a million followers, a picture-perfect life, or TikTok dance moves)? I hope so, because you’re about to learn how to beat the algorithm!

Now before that, I do want to be real with you: I’ve coached over 25,000 business owners on the inside of Social Curator and I’ve noticed there are three main desires of business owners:

  • You want your posts seen.
  • You want your followers to engage.
  • You want the algorithm to work in your favor. 

Can you relate? 

I’ve also noticed the three biggest struggles that make it harder for business owners to be on social media:

  • consistency
  • time
  • content creation

>>If you only listen to one piece of advice I’m about to tell you, I hope it’s this: you have to get past your struggles in order to get your desires.<< 

You must make time, create content, and be consistent to get seen and get engagement in the algorithm. Your posts are what the algorithm needs to get you what you want.

Let me explain….

How to Beat the Algorithm

Social media platforms rely on your behavior to create a unique feed. This means we could follow the exact same accounts, but our feeds will be different based on how we interact with those accounts.

Remember: The algorithm’s job is to keep followers on the platform. It does this by showing engaging, interesting, and relevant posts. There are some followers who like, comment, and share with regularity while others just scroll right past. 

So are you ready to change how your followers engage with your posts in order to beat the algorithm? There are three main factors that determine what your followers see in their feed, and leveraging these factors in your favor will bring you all that you desire. 


In order to develop a relationship with your followers, you need to generate engagement. The anatomy of an engaging piece of content is the Social Curator HIC Formula: Hook, Insights, and Call to Action. 

  • Your Hook gets your followers to stop their scroll and keep reading.
  • The Insights are the meat of your caption that serves them with what they need to hear.
  • A Call to Action (this is the most important part!) is asking them to do something that shows the algorithm they like your content.

>>If your followers have interacted with your past content, the algorithm will be more likely to show them more in the future.<<


Engagement indicates interest, the second factor. To increase your engagement and generate increased interest, every post should cater to your ideal client. 

Ideal clients are followers who know/like/trust your account and support your business. 

How do you find them? Well, the easiest way is on your Instagram Stories.

Stories are a fun, casual way to build relationships. Once you post a story, you’ll notice your ideal clients because they’re the ones viewing most of your stories, voting on polls, engaging with quizzes, and sending you messages. 

>>Post on Instagram Stories EVERY day to build relationships and increase your ideal client’s interest!<<


Now we’ve made it to beating the final piece of the Algorithm: Relevancy.

When you publish a post, the algorithm gives it a relevancy score, which impacts who it shows in the feed.

>>In order to leverage relevancy in your favor, you need to provide consistent inventory, or consistent posts.<<

The more you give the algorithm (in the form of posts), the greater chance you’ll have to beat the algorithm. Consistent posts and stories give the algorithm options, which it will then deliver to followers who are most likely to engage.

Most importantly, you will not only attract more engaged followers…. You’ll be getting more customers, too.

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