Behind the Scenes of Making My First TikTok

Do you want a behind-the-scenes look at how I made my first TikTok video?

*Ohhhh friend, it’s about to get AWKWARD up in here!*

To be honest, this is a really vulnerable glimpse into my creative process, but I’m sharing because I’m hoping you’ll try it too.

>>TikTok is an amazing NEW way to grow your business and the growth potential is equivalent to the early days of Instagram and Facebook.<<

You can see the whole process in this embarrassing video, but here’s the gist of what we were filming.

For my first “tik” *is that what the cool kids call it??*, I had the idea to record two sides of the same conversation, both being played by me.

I lovingly refer to these two “characters” as:

  • J1: another business owner
  • J2: me, Jasmine Star

To film this TikTok, there were three major stages:

1. Prep

To prepare for our recording session, content team member Ayesha and I wrote out the lines for each character so that it would make recording go much smoother.

2. Filming

Of course since both characters were being played by me, I filmed all of J1’s lines in one outfit and J2’s lines in another.

3. Editing

Finally, after all of the lines for both characters were filmed the video went into the final stage of editing before being shared with my audience.

Along with splicing together the videos, my videographer Mar added text to keep the video interesting!

So there you have it, friend! To see the whole behind-the-scenes process AND the final product, check out the video below.

*Try not to laugh…. I’m SO awkward on camera!*

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