Being A Student, Not A Teacher

Right now. This very moment. It’s history in the making.

2020 will be a historical year for many reasons…a global pandemic and the racial justice movement to name a few.

And we are living it… together.

  • Together, we will listen.
  • Together, we will learn.
  • Together, we will rise up.

During a recent discussion with Daymond John from Shark Tank, he asked me what advice I had on how businesses could improve public communication in today’s crazy climate without sounding fake.

*P.S. I’m still not over the fact that I spoke with a Shark! ;)*

My response to Daymond’s question was this:

>>Be a student. Admit that you don’t know what you don’t know.<<

I will be the first to admit that I needed to listen more.

By being a student, not a teacher, I’ve opened my ears to what others were saying. 

Over the last several weeks, I’ve listened intently. 

I’ve heard the struggles that people have had building a business, getting a loan, or even renting a space on Main Street, USA…based solely on the color of their skin.

>>Even though I love and celebrate diversity, among Social Curator members, my team, and my friends, I wasn’t acknowledging the disparity that so many experience.<<

That all changes NOW. 

I DON’T have the answers, and I CAN’T predict the future, but I do know this:

  • I CAN speak out against injustice. 
  • I CAN step up against inequality. 
  • I CAN help those who are hurting. 

That’s my advice on how businesses can do their part and genuinely communicate to their audience in 2020 and beyond.

>>Let’s make this world a better place…together.<<

My oath is to ensure that people see themselves, their stories, and their experiences represented in my business, because my business is for everybody.

Let me ask you, boo, do you feel seen in my business? I want to serve you well, so if there’s anything I can do better, please send me a DM on Instagram

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