The Importance of Being Fully Present

Presence makes the moment RICH in abundance, but are we aware of what we have? 

Do we realize the value?

My husband and I have made it a tradition to go back to Las Vegas, Nevada each year because it is the city where we met our daughter, Luna, for the first time. 

We relive the day like it was our first by staying in the same hotel, taking her back to the hospital where she was born, and going to the courthouse where it became official. 

>>We do these things to help us navigate the conversations of adoption, family, belonging, and love.<<

It’s a moment in time to intentionally reflect on the best day of our lives. 

The Importance of Being Fully Present

Even before my daughter was born, Vegas had always represented something to me in my life. Vegas was where I went to be known and seen by my grandmother. 

She remains my best friend. She was the coolest. I’d plan vacations during college to drive to her trailer home in Las Vegas. We’d get manicures, watch her telenovelas, and make copious amounts of Puerto Rican food.

I worked two jobs in college and saved a small portion of each paycheck to treat my grandma to a buffet dinner on the Strip.

I knew those moments were special. I did not know, however, the power of her happy centrifugal force until she passed on. Her departure left a gaping hole in my soul.

It’s been twenty years since I’ve hugged and kissed her. In fact, I hadn’t been back to Vegas since she had passed until I met my daughter in 2020. 

While in Vegas on our now yearly trip back, my daughter ran through the colosseum shops in Ceasar’s Palace. As she looked at Tritan on the Sea indoors and peeked at the aquarium inside, my exact words to my husband were…

“Do you think we understood what we had with Grandma? It feels like I had lumps of gold by knowing her. Do you think I know what they were worth?” 

He responded, 

>>“We knew we had the golden nuggets, but we didn’t know their value.”<< 

Hanging out with my grandma, we knew we had something really special but we didn’t know how truly valuable those moments were until we didn’t have them anymore. 

So, I asked him, “How do we take what I’ve learned and apply it to the moments I have now with our daughter? How do we realize the value?” 

The difference now, with my daughter, which I wish I knew when I was with my grandmother, is knowing the value. 

For me, to be fully present with my daughter, and to be fully aware that these times and these moments are fleeting. 

Friend, let me remind you…

>>Your big ambitions in life do not matter if you’re not present in the moments that truly matter.<<

I believe my daughter, Luna Sol, found my husband and I in my grandma’s city as a reminder to remain present. Fully present.

I vowed to appreciate every moment with my daughter as a tribute to my grandmother.

Her legacy will live on through her great-granddaughter, and—hopefully—as a reminder for us all.

Do you need help taking something off your plate so that you can be more present in the life you’re building for yourself and your family? 

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