Big Dreams Require Big Dreamers


Last night I sat around a table with a group of friends, new and old. The table was set with a beautiful array of food and the sun set over a pastel sky in the hills of Los Angeles. After the glasses had been refilled, our conversations changed: the longer the night became, the more honest we were.

And here’s what came out: we’re all scared. Like, mind-boggling-shat-yourself scared.

This is incredibly hard to admit. As creatives, we long to hide behind our success and be comfortable where we are, but it never works like that. Ever. Once you’ve made a dream come to reality, life forces you to repeat the cycle. Again. And again. The hardest part is that repeating the cycle gets harder because you expect more from yourself and lack the faith that reinvention is possible.

But it is possible. Heck, reinvention is absolutely necessary.

I’ve come to realize the reasons we are afraid to start something new boils down to three main things:
1. Fear of the Unknown
2. Questioning if We’re Good Enough
3. Not Knowing Where to Start

I’m still trying to work my way through these issues. Everyday feels like a battle to quiet the voices of doubt screaming in my mind. While I don’t have it together, I do know that the only thing required of me is simply to show up. Show up everyday and do the small things that put me closer to where I want to be. The simple act of showing up, mixed with faith that things will work out (because they always do), and doing the hard work are what makes dreams come to reality.

One day I hope to look back at this blog post as proof that big dreams require big dreamers who take small steps to success.