Blogstomp Version 3.0 – Watermark Photos in Seconds

Okay, so there was this one time I spent almost an hour in Photoshop making a collage of photos. Should I repeat that last part? AN HOUR. On a collage. If I had to look back on my life and assess colossal wastes of my time, that would rank near the top. Right on up there with YouTube videos of baby kittens.

Early in my career I tried to find ways to showcase my photos in a creative way while also placing a copyright on my photos. I didn’t mind if people shared them, I just wanted to ensure people could find the place of origin. This resulted in making my blogging ritual the most time consuming component of my business.


I, essentially, wanted to create a watermark for my images, but it required me to label each picture in Photoshop… I wanted to pull my hair out. Until, that is, I found BlogStomp. With a click of a button, it resizes, watermarks, and places my web-optimized photos in a separate folder. Boom, done. What used to take me 30 minutes now takes me less than three minutes.


BlogStomp3 allows for easy sharing with Facebook, Instagram, and blogging the images directly from the app, which has streamlined the process too!  Beyond that, the update has some new awesome features like free-form image cropping (so awesome!) and drag-and-swap options (which means when I make a collage I simply drag the photo where I want it and can swap it out simply by dragging another photo on top of it!).  There a ton of new bonuses in the update, which only costs $29 to upgrade from BlogStomp V2!


Prospective brides have found my site via Facebook and Pinterest simply by seeing my logo on a photo…and this couldn’t make me happier. If you’re looking for a quick way to create collages, copyright your photos, or simply resize for web, this might help you as much as it’s helped me.


Lastly, I’m often asked how I upload my photos to Facebook because they don’t appear compressed or pixelated (a common frustration with photographers), and I happy to respond that BlogStomp is what makes it so easy for me. With a single click of a button, the photos are resized optimally for the web, watermarked, and placed in a folder, ready for upload. You can even upload directly to Facebook from the app, which makes life SO much easier. If you're a new user to BlogStomp and like to get $10 off your first order, be sure to use the JSTOMP promo code at check out (it expires on June 1st at midnight MDT).