How To Boost Engagement on Instagram

Have you seen a drop in your engagement on social media? 

You certainly aren’t alone, friend!

In fact, the topic of engagement came up in a recent Facebook Live I hosted when someone said, “I would love to hear you talk about the overall drop in engagement on social and ideas on how to mix it up.”

*Everyone – and I mean everyoneeee – longs for more engagement.* 

Now that you know there are a lot of people going through the same thing, let’s dive into what we can ALL do to get an engagement boost.

Ask For Engagement

This may seem like a crazy question, but are you telling people how to interact with your posts?

What you may think is intuitive, your audience may not. 

>>You can’t get what you don’t ask for.<<

If you want engagement, you have to ask for it… And not simply “leave a comment” or “tag a friend.” 

*Oh no, sweet soul, you are more creative than that!*

You need to mix up your calls to action to see what is actually resonating with people. Keep reading to find some engaging prompt examples!

Big vs Small Ask 

There are two different calls to action:

  • A big ask
  • A small ask

A big ask requires someone to leave the platform they are on and go somewhere else. It takes more effort, and not everyone will be inclined to do it. 

Examples of a big ask:

  • Signing up for your opt-in
  • Reading a post on your blog
  • Listening to a podcast

All of these are wonderful sources of value you are offering, but it takes them away from the social platform they are comfortable with.

They need to reallllllly know, like, and trust you to act on the action you want them to do.

But a small ask is much easier. 

It doesn’t require anyone to leave the platform, and it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to answer the call.

Examples of a small ask:

  • “Tell me, are you A, B, or C?”
  • “Are you a dog or cat person?”
  • “What’s your dream vacation?”

>>You will likely notice that you get more engagement when you ask for it in small, simple ways.<<

That’s not to say that you should never ask anyone to leave social media. 

*After all, you are running a business, hunnayyy!*

But when you make it easy for someone to talk back to you, you’ll be surprised how chatty your audience can be!

Give Engagement

If you are complaining about people not engaging with your posts, the question I put back to you is this:

>>Are you giving the engagement you want to receive?<<

  • How often are you liking posts?
  • How often are you tagging your friends?
  • How often do you respond to comments?
  • How often do you share a post to your Stories?

You won’t get what you don’t give.

You have to model what you want your followers to do. Give, give, give, give (and then give some more) before you ever hope that it’s reciprocated.

Quality Over Quantity

You might not get a lot of people who engage with your posts, but I am telling you, that small group of people who are willing to leave comments, share your posts, and vote on polls?

Those are YOUR people.

And that connection between you is going to be what moves the needle in your business.

But I don’t want this to be something that overwhelms you, Buttercup. If you feel like you need more help getting AND giving engagement, I am here to hold your hand and walk you through it day by day!

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