Branding + Marketing : Business Summit

Did I ever tell you about the time when I fainted in a cemetery late one night? It was dark and stormy, and I slushed my way through the rain as it bounced off granite headstones. Myself and 30 other eighth graders visited Washington D.C. for a night tour of the city…I can't remember who thought it was a brilliant idea to walk through a cemetery at night, but I stopped asking questions as soon as my head hit a tombstone.

I woke to our driver's cigarette breath puffing on my face as he carried me back to the bus.

So, like, that feeling? The feeling just before you pass out? I'm experiencing it RIGHT NOW. In just a few weeks, I'm headed to Dallas and Los Angeles to host two-day business summits for entrepreneurs. I'm excited…and nervous. So nervous I might faint.

But the good news is amazing business owners have already registered and together we'll revolutionize their businesses. If you're looking to revamp your brand, get a rich understanding of social media marketing, and foster a kick arse mindset, I'd love to see you along The Path to Profitability.