Brett : Anytime

I love shooting. Pictures, not guns. I love weddings and engagement photos, but when I get the opportunity to shoot a person Just Because, I’m overly excited. It’s a crying shame more people don’t have professional pictures of themselves (and, no, posing for your passport picture doesn’t count!), so whenever I have an Anytime shoot scheduled, I’m excited to see how the day unfolds.

When Brett asked if I could take pictures of him, I jumped at the chance. Most my portfolio is filled with fabulous (and totally gorgeous!) females, but it’s been a while since I’ve shot a gentleman. And, yes, Brett is very much a gentleman. He’s smart, kind, and funny…and the type of guy who follows his heart.

Brett, thank you for such a great afternoon and being such a great model. I totally appreciate the time you took to think about the shoot, the planning, and your openness to hear my opinion about each outfit styling! 😉

When I asked Brett to stand in front of this door, Brett turned to me and asked, Is it PINK?! I hope I still made him look cool…in front of this MAUVE door! 🙂

Brett is insanely athletic, so he showed off his mad jumping skills…

Happy Friday!