Building a Business Brand vs. Building a Personal Brand

Dear Jasmine, I recently began working on marketing and social media engagement for a local gym, which while small, still has several instructors, classes, etc.. I feel that I cannot curate a brand around one person, so I am a little lost. I am wondering if you can give a bit of branding and social media advice to those of us working for non one-person-specific companies. I love the way you brand and the ways you utilize social media, but I am so used to personal branding that I am a little lost on small brick-and-mortar branding. 


Sweat Like a Pig to Look Like a Fox

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Dear Foxy,  I've been thinking about this for quite a while.  Ever since launching The Path to Profitability, I've been able to consult a variety of entrepreneurs, all who operate very different business.  But here are two things every business has in common (regardless if it's one person or a multi-faced business):

1.  Ideal Client

Far before you build a brand or market a business, you need to know who you're speaking to.  Far too many business owners create content (blog posts, social media, etc.) without knowing who they want to attract.  As a result, their message is mixed, unclear, and disorganized.  It isn't enough to say your gym attracts people who want to work out…there's way too much competition with an idea so broad.  You want to know the type of client you want at your gym (does h/she work out every day or twice a week? does h/she prefer cardio or free-style weights or taking classes? etc.), then you need to craft your services to cater to their needs.  If you'd like help creating your Ideal Client Profile, check out this Amy Porterfield podcast where I broke everything down in detail.

2.  Purpose

Once you know who you're speaking to, ask yourself why they're looking for a gym.  When you know their why, the content you create should further your business' story.  You must ask yourself: what is this business (e.g. the gym you work for) about?  It's not really about working out, is it?  It's about Inspiring Change…Living a Better Life…Looking Hot…Proving Determination…___________ (fill in the blank).  The gym needs to have its purpose and its ideal client in the forefront of your mind as you further the story.  If, say, the gym caters to a busy mom on-the-go and its goal is to Inspire Change, then the content focuses less on how many instructors are available, but, rather, on the trainers who help her change, the classes that make change easier, and food plans that facilitate her changes.

Foxy, your social media efforts aren't about the gym.  Don't get it twisted, boo.  Your efforts should focus on the gym's purpose: Inspiring Change.  Everything that is shared online should push that idea forward.

I Don't Sweat…It's My Fat Crying,