Caitlin Crosby + The Giving Keys


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how fear holds us back from pursuing new dreams and it wasn’t some esoteric blog post…it was a real-time narrative to what was going on behind-the-scenes in my life.

You see, I wanted to tell stories leveraging writing, video, and photo, but I didn’t know where to start. I had a big dream, but couldn’t even take a small first step. I was completely paralyzed by the unknown.

I reached out to Caitlin Crosby of The Giving Keys and asked if she’d be willing to take a chance and let me tell her story. To my delight, she agreed. On the outside, it appears she gave me the opportunity to share her goals of transitioning people out of homelessness…but on the inside, Caitlin gave me the thing she gives her employees: the chance to start a new chapter in life.

If you’d like to be part of Caitlin’s mission to help people transition out of homelessness, feel free to check out The Giving Keys for your special key.