Can You Have a Successful Business Without Social Media?

I was answering Live questions on a recent Ask Me Anything video, and John asked: “Can you have a successful business without social media?”

Immediately, I answered John’s question with the first thing that came to mind… of course you can have a successful business without social media! People do it all the time.

But do I recommend it? No.

I recommend building your business with social media because it is:

  • Easy to get discovered
  • Free for anyone to use
  • Available to everyone

But John (and maybe you, Buttercup!): you probably asked this question because you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the options for social media.

So let me simplify your marketing options with one simple rule…

>>If you don’t have the ability to be on all social media platforms, my advice is for you to focus on the platform your dream customer is on.<<

*Notice I did NOT say to join the one YOU like the most!*

When using social media to make sales for your business, it’s important to speak directly to your dream customer on the platform THEY are scrolling on the most.

  • Is your dream customer a busy professional? → They’re probably on LinkedIn.
  • Is your dream customer a teenager obsessed with the trends? → They might be on TikTok.
  • Is your dream customer in their mid-to-late 50’s?→ I’d bet they love Facebook the most.

Get to know your dream customer… and then post there.

>>So yes, John and any other beautiful souls who are reading: it IS possible to have a successful business without using social media, but it's also possible to have a successful business by only using ONE platform rather than all of them.<<

For information on how to identify who your dream customer is, download my free guide >>HERE<< that will walk you through how to identify, engage with, and market to your dream customer!