How I Would Audit Your Captions

I am often asked by business owners why their social media posts fall flat. Can you relate?

It’s so easy to feel discouraged when you create a post and then hear crickets in response, I get it and I have been there!

In fact, it was my own discouragement that led me to discover a reliable caption formula that has been proven to generate engagement every time.

And the good news is: It’s easy!

Let me show you what I mean using an Instagram caption audit I did for Nicole during a recent Facebook Live.  

How I Would Audit Your Captions

Nicole created a Valentine’s Day post about her cat, which is great! 

>>Sharing personal details on your account is important because it allows people to know, like, and trust you. But you have to be strategic in how you share to keep people coming back for more.<<

Let’s read Nicole’s caption, then I’ll show you how we optimized it: 

“16 years of Valentine's days with this handsome fur ball. He might not love having his picture taken, but he’s always up for a movie night (especially if there’s ice cream)! Hubby and munchkins make great dates too. Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

While Nicole’s caption isn’t terrible by any means, there are a few adjustments we can make to ensure her audience not only reads the caption but also responds back!

The simple, proven formula is lovingly titled the HIC Formula. It stands for Hook, Insights, and Call to Action.

Let’s dive in deeper to understand why it works so well…

A hook is what stops someone from scrolling by grabbing their attention. This should be something really juicy that makes them want to read more. It should be irresistible such as

  • “Wanna know a secret?” 
  • “You won’t believe what happened next…”
  • “This might get awkward:”

Insights create the bulk of the caption and provide value. Insights deliver the juicy details the Hook originally promised. I recommend you share something educating, empowering, or entertaining to build trust and establish your credibility.

Finally, a Call to Action gives your followers a way to engage with you, such as: 

  • “Comment below,” 
  • “Save this post,” or 
  • “Tag a friend.” 

This guides your audience to actually take action after reading the caption.

I made simple tweaks to Nicole’s post using the HIC formula and now, Nicole’s post has a clear Hook, fun Insights about things her cat enjoys, and a simple way for people to engage!  

Let’s take a look:

“Can you guess how many years he’s been my Valentine? If you guessed 16 years, you’re right! This handsome fur ball might not love having his picture taken, but he’s always up for a movie night (especially if there’s ice cream). Hubby and munchkins make great dates too. Happy Valentine’s Day friends… drop a heart in the comments below if you’re always up for a movie night with ice cream, too!”

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