Casual Entrepreneurs vs. Strategic Entrepreneurs

Most business owners fall into 2 types of social media engagement.

First there is the Casual Entrepreneur who's ON social media. It's something they do when they think about it…or they used it to launch a product or announce a sale…they get excited to promote their business, but don’t really pay attention to starting conversations online.

Their social accounts don’t really grow, people aren’t engaging, but the occasional new customer or business connection is worth the effort for the Casual Entrepreneur who is ON social media. 

Secondly, there are the Strategic Entrepreneurs. They are the types of business owners who USE social media regularly, develop large followings, and learn how to grow their business as a result of their efforts.

After years of studying the differences between both, I noticed that the way Strategic Entrepreneurs approached their social content (their posts, their photos, their conversations) was entirely different than the Casual Entrepreneur.

So this is where I started studying the Strategic Entrepreneurs on social media. And when I say “study”, I mean it. I started tracking, assessing, and predicting how their actions would unfold online.

I wanted to understand what these mega social media users were doing differently…and how they made grew their businesses along the way.

So here's my question to you: how do you categorize yourself (First or Second) and what can I do to help?