What an honor to speak with JJ Ramberg, financial journalist from MSNBC’s Your Business at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit. Butterflies were fluttering in my belly. I still get nervous for interviews, yet nothing excites me more than teaching people how to build their brand on Instagram.

The full interview goes live in a few weeks, but you can watch the >>> behind the scenes video HERE! <<<

JJ: How important is it for companies to use Instagram to market their business?

J*: It’s wildly important. With all the social platforms to choose from, you’re going to want to use the one that’s growing the fastest and has the most engagement. And, that’s Instagram.

JJ: If you have a visual business like a design or travel agency, it’s easy to know what to post on Instagram. What do you post if you sell widgets?

J*: Definitely post about widgets, but make it a small part of content that you’re sharing. You want to share the lifestyle that the widget provides. The idea is to showcase what you do professionally in a personal way. That’s where the magic exists on Instagram.

If I were a Business Coach, Life Coach, or a Lawyer, I’d hire a photographer to take 30 photos of me throughout my workday that I could post on Instagram for a month.

JJ: To get the right mix on Instagram, you want to have the feeling of your company through visuals and some literal content, right?

J*: Absolutely! I believe the visuals and captions we write are indirect business conversations. We’re selling the idea of the business and benefits that it provides.

JJ: How does that translate into sales?

J*: Instagram is a long game. It’s about building trust, because trust is a digital currency online. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.

How do you get people to trust you? You have to showcase personal aspects of your professional life. There are too many people out there selling widgets. Out of the sea of options, we are empowered to create experiences on Instagram – experiences of you on vacation and sharing how you worked so hard for twelve years to be able to take your family on vacation.

The message is that I’ve worked hard. I’ll empower you to do the same. Or, hire me as a division of the things you want in your own life.

Thanks to everyone at MSNBC for having me on the show! Even though my voice was a bit shaky, I hope the passion in my heart was clear…can't wait to see it go live on MSNBC soon!