Cindy and Jelani : Engagement


For some guys, it’s the girl next door. For other guys–like Jelani–it was the girl on the other side of the world. Japan, to be precise. Cindy and Jelani met at church in Los Angeles and while there existed an undeniable spark, it wasn’t until they they conversed over udon soup, sushi, and curry that their worlds collided. A group of people from their church traveled to Japan to help build and buttress a church in Okinawa…but Jelani and Cindy were building a friendship.

At different points in their lives, they remained friends for two years from a distance, but one fine Sunday, Cindy crossed Jelani’s path, much like two chopsticks. Their friendship blossomed and the next thing Cindy knew, Jelani planned extravagant dates, opened doors, and held umbrellas in the rain. Four years later, they still eat sushi and curry, but they’re now sharing plates.

I’m thrilled to document their wedding this November, especially after shooting their engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles. They have a fabulous day planned and if it’s anything like yesterday, it’ll be nothing short of laughter, love and joy. And dancing…tons of dancing!

We started the session against plastered and graffiti walls…my heart was filled with happiness from all the vibrant colors!

C+J…graffiti’s never looked so good! 😉

Here’s Jelani trying to show me his smooth moves…uhhh, we discovered he ain’t so smooth… 😉

Later during the engagement session, we stopped by Union Station had a little fun…

There’s something I completely adore about LA…and Cindy and Jelani make it that much sweeter…

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!