7 Ways To Use Clubhouse For Your Business

Oh, friend, I have a new obsession… Are you on Clubhouse yet?!

Clubhouse is a new, voice-only app that is currently in beta testing, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of industry experts from using it to:

  • network,
  • learn from one another,
  • share ideas, and
  • build genuine relationships with their ideal client.

I’m going to give you 7 different ways you can use this app to grow your business, but before we get there, let me explain WHY I’m obsessed with building connections on Clubhouse.

7 Ways to Use Clubhouse

Since 2006, I’ve hit the “Publish” button on my blog over 2,500 times, sent thousands of emails to my newsletter list, and poured my heart out to followers in social media posts across several platforms.

>>For many years, writing was my exclusive way of communicating with my audience.<< 

I knew my ability to write was an asset as a business owner, and like my dad always said: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

However, when I began experimenting with using my voice online, I realized there was something powerful about connecting with my audience in this way.

  • On my podcast, you hear inflections in my voice that transcends words on a screen.
  • At events, you hear the passion I have for helping business owners build a life and business they love.
  • During Live videos, you hear the real me: the real-time, unfiltered, tell-it-like-it-is version of myself that can’t be edited out.

And now, I’ve found the same thing is true as I regularly host Rooms on Clubhouse.

This app has become one of my favorite places to hang out, and I have been fascinated with how many industry leaders are using it to get their voice out into the world… and to make sales on social media!

*Wonder how they are doing it? I got you, Hustler!*

>>In order to turn followers into customers, you must serve them with something they NEED, capture their attention, and build trust. <<

These industry experts are serving their audience and subsequently gaining their trust by hosting regular Clubhouse Rooms to educate, entertain, or encourage them.  

*And you can too, Buttercup!*

Some examples of Rooms you can host as a business owner are:

  1. Hold a Q+A session with your followers.
  2. Share a testimonial or one of your client’s results.
  3. Interview an industry peer.
  4. Discuss the behind the scenes of your business.
  5. Teach a short class about something relevant to your business.
  6. Talk about the benefits of one of your products/services.
  7. Share something that inspires or motivates you.
Clubhouse 101 - How to Use the Hottest Voice-Only App for Your Business

Are you ready to get ahead of the curve on getting your message out into the world on Clubhouse?

I want to help you learn how to use this new app like a PRO so when it becomes public, you’re ready to hit the ground running. Download my free Clubhouse 101 Guide to learn how to use your unique voice on this powerful social media platform to grow your business! You can download it >>HERE.<<