Conduits of Creativity

Stand in your strengths. We are conduits of creativity, so do things that channel your inner power instead of pushing it aside in hopes of getting better at something you think you should be doing. For so long I wanted photography to be the source of my creativity, but I slowly learned that it's never just one thing that stirs a soul; creativity is best stimulated by fostering what comes naturally.

I wanted to get better at photography, so I poured my energy into learning, practicing and doing, but this also meant stopping the pursuit of other creative avenues because I viewed them as a distraction. I resisted other avenues as a way to prove devotion to a craft. How silly.

I stopped…
…planting gardens
…finding new ways to approach old problems
…making homemade spaghetti sauce
… _________________ (fill in the blank)

What I've now learned is opening all channels of creative energy is the best way to get better at new pursuits. Planting gardens made me see color in a new way. Reading allowed my mind to see narrative in a new way. Homemade spaghetti sauce made me want to write about what it meant to appreciate taste.

We are stronger creatives when we empower all facets of energy to freely flow, so that what we paint/write/photograph/process/make is a byproduct of wholeness and freedom. Do what makes you creative…it's the best way to strengthen the pursuit of something new.