Types of Content You Can Batch

I can't stand when business owners tell me, “Oh, I don't have an interesting life. I don't know how to make content.”

*Because if I can, anyone can.*

>>I believe that every moment in your life, no matter what it is you're doing is an opportunity to create content.<<

Although you could be a content creation machine 7 days a week, that likely isn’t realistic for your lifestyle. *Let’s have no makeup days, okayyyy?*

I find the easiest way to create content is to batch it all in one setting. This takes some planning and preparation to make it efficient, but the result is well worth the hassle.

I have two content creation batching days a month where I create all of the social media content I need (and then some… just to always have a good selection available).

If you want to work smarter, not harder, then I can’t recommend this enough. Let’s talk about how you can make this a reality for yourself.

Types of Content You Can Batch


Before we dive in, I have to take a minute and talk about the preparation that happens before each batch day.

First, determine how often you want to batch content. That will determine how much you need to create each time. For example, someone who batches content twice a week will need to create significantly less in each session than someone who batches once per month.

After that, determine how frequently you want to show up on social media and in what forms. Do you want to post on your feed daily or only 3 times per week? Of those posts, how many do you want to be Live video (that can’t be batched ahead)? Additionally, what events do you have coming up that you know you will need to highlight but can’t create content for ahead of time? This could be birthday parties, vacations, or speaking engagements.

Those two things – your batching and posting cadence – will give you a number of content pieces to create.

From there, you can determine which types of content those should be!


Probably the most obvious choice and the most frequently batched type of content is photos. 

>>I believe you need to showcase both who you are and what you do through the visual elements of your social media feed.<< 

This means you should be batching both photos of yourself and the tools of your trade.

I find it easiest to segment my photo batching by these different categories, meaning I take photos of myself all at once and then move on to product photography or vice versa.

Keep it interesting and diverse by having a variety of outfits, backgrounds, and props planned!


Similar to photos, carousels can be a progression of photos or slides of graphics. These carousels should all be along the same theme and each image should support one another. A great example of this would be a list of tips where one tip occupies each slide. Canva is a fantastic tool for graphic elements and has plenty of templates to get you started!

Long Form Video

Video can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. I love to film videos in setups where I am already taking photos so I don’t have to find more outfits or backdrops. Simply use your phone and a tripod and you can create these videos yourself. (no videographer required!)

Reels and TikToks

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, you know that short form video content is the most popular type for social media consumers. There will never be a better time to jump on this bandwagon than now!

To batch Reels or TikToks you first need to identify any audio clips you want to utilize or trends you want to recreate. This involves some research on each platform respectively, but you’re likely scrolling anyway so use it to your advantage!

Save the audio and videos of trends so you can easily reference them to recreate on the day of.

Don’t forget that you can add text later (on a non-batching day) in order to maximize the number of clips you can record!


Just like their name, they should take your followers along a journey with you. If you have something to feature (even as simple as grocery shopping) make sure you paint a picture from beginning to end.

Alternatively, if you have anything to promote (like a new podcast episode, blog post, or collaboration) you can record some Stories in the moment to showcase later during publication.

Although we know that face-to-camera stories are typically the best performers, you can also create graphics to share later like the ones available on the inside of Social Curator.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much GIFs have added to the world and my happiness? If GIFs and memes were a love language, they would be mine.

We often think of pulling GIFs from other people to showcase our feelings and thoughts, but have you ever created your own? It’s incredibly simple to do and will level yourself up as the face of your brand.

Simply record a short video that is only 1-2 seconds long with some movement that makes it engaging. You can edit these to have text over them as well via Canva.

These GIFs will be the gift that keeps on giving as you can use them for many months to come in a variety of capacities like your feed, Stories, newsletters, blog posts, and more.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Last, but not least, we can’t forget the one type of content that should always be top of mind: Behind the Scenes.

This is an often neglected component of content creation because it might not have all the bells and whistles of the other more formal options, but behind the scenes footage is simply begging to be created. 

Utilize your batching day to also get some behind the scenes photos and videos, but also don’t forget to showcase the more mundane aspects of your business as well!

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