Corona Del Mar Engagement : Holly+Blaine

Palm trees and the smell of the ocean–even if faint–were the sights and scents of their hometown in Hawaii.  They met their sophomore year of high school in math class when they were paired together for group work.  Holly thanked her lucky stars she was matched with Blaine, the smartest (and kindest) guy in class.  They laughed, worked, and sat together, but their friendship didn't extend beyond geometry because Blaine had a girlfriend.

After graduation, Holly left the island to attend college in California and Blaine continued on at the University of Hawaii.  Longing for the shores of home, Holly returned during a break from school bumped into Blaine while out with her friends one night.  Years after their geometry class together, they had something even better together:  chemistry.

They committed to a long-distance relationship and as soon as Blaine graduated from college, he packed his bags and together they moved to Corona Del Mar, California.  Palm trees and the smell of the ocean are the sights and scents of their hometown, a place they've grown to love and call their own.


Holly and Blaine started their engagement session at home, simply relaxing and enjoy the afternoon.  Holly is a calligrapher, so she crafted a special note for Blaine…


I casually joked with Holly that because she's SO good at what she does, I might have her create all my stationary, Christmas cards, birthday cards, banners, and a tattoo for me  😉


Holly and Blaine adopted Poki a few years ago and he's just the sweetest pup you could ask for…I wanted to take him home with me!


We decided to walk to the beach and enjoy the beautiful day…


Corona Del Mar is a small neighborhood in Newport Beach, and has the most stunning beach views…


After a quick change, Holly and Blaine enjoyed sunset…


Holly, thank you for trusting me.  You are stunningly gorgeous and I feel incredibly lucky our paths crossed in yoga class.  Namaste, good friend.


It was overcast when we walked to the beach, but just before the sun set, the sky broke and golden rays of goodness poured forth…


Blaine is the type of guy everyone wants to be friends with.  He's quiet, kind, attentive and has an amazing sense of humor.  No one can make Holly laugh at the drop of a hat they way he can…


The sun quickly disappeared and the day became cold, so Blaine just wrapped his arms around his fiance and all was well in that moment…


Home is wherever they are together…


Can't wait for their wedding in Hawaii later this summer!